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January 19, 2013
Chris Knox - Landline Real Estate
I use Mike/Functional Foto for numerous jobs. From working on my Rentals to working on my own home, Mike is always prompt and goes above and beyond. I would refer him to anyone needing a contractor in the area. From Minor plumbing fixes to completely revamping a bathroom with new fixtures, Tile shower surround and floor, Mike always does a great Job and his prices are very reasonable. I have also used him as a home inspector and am very satisfied with the detailed reports he provides including numerous photos of possible issues.
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January 18, 2013
Anonymous - Medford
I highly recommend Mike/Functional Foto. I know that he is honest and hard working by personal experience. Time and time again he will go that extra mile in order to save me and my clients money and think outside the box on how to get things done right, on time and in budget! Can't recommend him enough.
Review by Andrew C. in Phoenix, OR
Project: Inspect a Home
This guy was AWESOME!! he was not only less expensive then most everyone i called he did a longer, more thorough, and way more detailed inspection then any other company said they would do. The photo"s and easy to read remarks and arrows and everything...wow! This will be the company i recommend to ANYONE who need an inspection... Andy from Phoenix, OR
Review by Buyer
Project: Inspection - General Home (Home Inspector)
He is great with tenants and building a tenant relationship. He doesn't sub the work out to other companies and I have never had a problem with him. I came to using him because I am a real estate agent and he is my go to guy. He gets to the job sites in a hurry, he gets the work done fast and is trustworthy.
Review by Jim B. in Medford, OR
Project: Inspect a Home
Comments: Mike Fowler was a very courteous , professional & thorough inspector . Plenty of pictures (w/arrows) w/ useful information & w/easy to understand & follow final summation .
Highly Recommend !
Review by Tara H. in White City, OR
When buying or first home we did not know who to turn to for a home inspection so I asked a friend who has bought many homes and Mike Fowler was recommended to us as someone who will give a detailed report with pictures to show what exactly it looks like. We met Mike at the house, at the end of the inspection and he walked through the house and showed us what he found that would be in the report. He also gave his advise on what he would do to repair certain things on the house. Mike was friendly and easy to work with, he made sure that we understood the challenges that needed to be addressed. We also appreciated that Mike was willing to get the report done very quickly since we only had a day to talk to the seller. We are so happy with the results and will use Mike again when we need any Home Inspection services. It is nice to feel like you can trust a person and that is how we felt with Mike.
Reviewed by Jeanne Z. in Grants Pass, OR
Comments: Mr. Fowler was prompt, knowledgeable, and respectful. He provided an honest service and price was reasonable. I highly recommend him and his company.
Date 07/08/2013
Sarah L. - Medford, OR
Not only was he qualified for the job but he took pride in his work as well. I am genuinely grateful for the time & care he put into inspecting our home. The information he provided to us helped us to solve the issues we were having with our home.
Date 11/13/13
Michael C. - Grants Pass, OR
Mike is experienced and detailed. His information was useful and valuable as he took the time to discuss the important issues in detail as well as providing a comprehensive and detailed report with key photos of the issues involved.